Marketing in business

Marketing refers to activities undertaken by a company or any business to promote the buying or selling of a product or service.

Marketing includes advertising, selling, and delivering products to consumers or to other businesses. There are many different types of marketing, but some of the important marketing types are as listed below:

42 different types of marketing

Lets Know about different types of Marketing

Have you ever thought about how many types of marketing exist?

It's amazing.

Just enter the term "marketing" into Google and you will see many different strategies.
So when it comes to marketing your business, there are many options to choose from and it's hard to know what to do, especially if you don't have a large team.
That's why we decided to make an epic list of all the different types of marketing techniques you could try. We have included a brief description, comment, example and additional resources for each type.
Now ... this is a huge and comprehensive list. We found a whopping 162 types of marketing, so it turned out to be a pretty big article. And look, we're not saying they're all great. In fact, some are a load of old tosh.
You will find the good, the bad and the ugly. But nevertheless, we feel that they are all there.
And to make it easier for you to research and analyze different marketing strategies, below are quick links to them in case you want to jump directly to the marketing term that interests you.
We have also listed them in alphabetical order. So if you prefer, have a coffee, start scrolling and be fully informed.
Warning: we have included any marketing term that could be considered a tactic. We have not included industry-specific terms such as construction marketing, agricultural marketing, art marketing or real estate marketing.

Above the line [ATL] marketing

What is above online marketing?

Above the line, marketing uses mass media to market a large audience.
It is the opposite of online marketing [number 12], which is more specific and targeted marketing. The strength of above-the-line marketing is potential reach; the downside is often relevance. 
Need examples of online marketing?
The clearest example of above-the-line marketing is a Super Bowl television ad. A 30-second half-time ad can cost more than $ 5 million. Obviously the numbers will be huge, but will it pay off?

ATL Above the line Marketing explained

Brand marketing

What is brand marketing?

 Brand marketing is the concept of marketing an identity [not a product or service]. 

 Most companies know that they need to determine the positioning of their brand. They need to understand what they represent, what their USP are and what their perception of their business is. 

Sometimes, certainly in the long run, it pays to communicate values ​​on items, as this is more conducive to encouraging customer engagement and loyalty. 

Need examples of brand marketing? 

Sky makes it a point of honor to consistently market its promise to provide exceptional TV service.

Brand Marketing and Branding

Acquisition marketing  

What is acquisition marketing?

It is a marketing tactic whose sole purpose is to attract new customers or clients into a business. The ultimate goal is to create an acquisition marketing strategy that runs on autopilot. 
Need examples of acquisition marketing?
SEO is an example of acquisition marketing. It's also something that works in the background.

Affiliate marketing  

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the act of marketing another person's brand, website, product or service for a fee. Fees are based on performance. The more successful the affiliate marketing is, the more the affiliate will be paid. 

Need examples of affiliate marketing? 

If you go to ClickBank, you will see that there are affiliate marketing opportunities in dozens of niches.

Affinity marketing  

What is Affinity Marketing?

Also known as partnership marketing [number 109], affinity marketing is about creating mutually beneficial strategic partnerships. 

Need examples of Affinity Marketing? 

Companies are teaming up to take advantage of different audiences and increase brand awareness. This is why you can find McDonald's restaurants in Asda stores.

Agile marketing  

What is agile marketing?

 Agile marketing means being open, receptive and reactive to change with your marketing strategy. As the name suggests, it's about being flexible and not sticking to a rigid plan. 

So you could say that agile marketing is more an attitude than a strategy. The inspiration for the term comes from the technical world of agile development, where iterations to software would be regular and incremental. 

Need examples of agile marketing? 

Football fans may remember that in 2013 Chelsea's Eden Hazard hit the headlines by throwing one ball at a time. Specsavers wasted no time in sending out a funny advertisement referring to the bizarre incident

Alliance marketing 

What is alliance marketing?

As with affinity or partnership marketing, alliance marketing involves the collaboration of two companies. The difference with alliance marketing is that the collaboration is deeper. 

Companies that join [because there may be more than one] pool their resources to promote and sell a product or service. 

Need examples of alliance marketing? 

Alliance marketing is the reason you see a car wash in a garage or a Costa at Waterstones. Some partnerships simply make perfect business sense.

Ambush marketing

What is ambush marketing?

 A company that uses ambush marketing will try to associate its products or services with an event that already has official sponsors. As the name suggests, companies use this low-cost tactic to ambush events and compete to expose themselves to their competitors. 

Need examples of ambush marketing? 

Tennis fans may remember that Heineken was the official sponsor of the beer for the 2011 US Open. 

 However, during the competition, rival Stella located the nearest station to the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center and decorated it with many advertisements. 

The ads all had tennis-related themes and slogans, so it looked like Stella was sponsoring the event.

Article marketing

What is article marketing?

 Article marketing is a type of advertising in which companies write articles and then are placed strategically on the Internet. Articles should cover topics relevant to your industry. 

Once written, they are distributed to the media, article banks, forums, public relations sites and article submission sites. 

In a sense, article marketing is similar to content marketing, but articles do not exist on a business website. As such, the value of article marketing is questionable. 

 Need examples of article marketing? 

 You can see sponsored content on many websites

Augmented marketing

What is augmented marketing?

Augmented marketing is the idea of ​​adding value to a proposal via an additional and innovative offer. 

The word "increased" means "having been enlarged or enlarged". Thus, by providing additional benefits, increased marketing increases the chances of sales. 

Need examples of increased marketing? 

You will find lots of examples in the pizza industry, where you will find many "buy one, get one free" offers.

Behavioural marketing 

What is behavioral marketing?

Behavioral marketing is marketing to consumers that is automated, but nonetheless based on their behavior. It is an online marketing strategy [number 104]. 

Generally, the behaviors that trigger a certain marketing message occur when someone: 

Click on a link. 

Visit a certain web page.

Download a PDF.

Buy something.

Share or like a publication on social networks

Need examples of behavioral marketing? 

If you buy a bottle of ketchup and scan a QR code, you will receive a specific marketing message. In this case, in doing so, your behavior says something to Heinz. 

At the very least, it reveals that you are ready to interact with their product and their brand.

Black hat marketing

What is black hat marketing?

Black hat marketing is the general term for unethical SEO tactics. 

Google analyzes websites based on certain criteria before deciding what to rank where. There are ways to cheat the system, but that would be like messing with your business. It is not worth the trouble. 

 Any gain should be short term; if Google spreads, you can expect your website to incur a penalty. 

Need examples of black hat marketing? 

In 2013, Google penalized global florist Interflora for using cap referencing tactics. 

The sentence was severe. The Interflora website was removed from the Internet for several months until the company successfully resolved all of its unethical research issues.

Business to business [B2B] marketing

What is B2B Marketing?

B2B marketing simply happens when one company markets a product or service to another. 

Need examples of B2B marketing? 

Many companies market what they sell to other companies. For example, insurance companies provide coverage to stores [for staff and consumers].

Account-based marketing

What is account-based marketing?

Account-based marketing is an alternative B2B marketing strategy that targets customers with a particular type of account. It's a form of segmentation [and in marketing, specificity is always a good thing]. 

Need examples of account-based marketing?

Hotjar is a company that sells website analysis software. They have 3 prices:

If they wanted to sell a product to their customers, it makes sense to adapt their messaging according to the version of the software they have.

The way Hotjar talks to someone about the base package could [and probably should] be very different from the way they communicate with someone about the trade agreement.

Celebrity marketing

What is celebrity marketing?

 Celebrity marketing is about convincing a celebrity to endorse a product. 

The logic is that celebrity endorsements increase sales because consumers can connect and identify with someone. In other words, for them, it is as if they are buying from fame and not from a faceless business. 

Interestingly, although this tactic is known as celebrity marketing, a product does not need the approval of a famous superstar. The "celebrity" must simply be someone well known to the target audience. 

Below the line [BTL] marketing

What is Marketing Below the Line?

Under online marketing is targeted marketing that doesn't use mass media [so things like television, radio, social media, and the like that are widely used]. 

This is the opposite of above line marketing [number 1]. Below online marketing is more personal and, therefore, often more successful than above online marketing. 

Need examples of online marketing? 

Network marketers organize intimate product evenings. They often find that being able to physically put a product in someone's hands and being able to talk to them face to face is powerful.

Buzz marketing

What is buzz marketing?

Buzz marketing is marketing that seeks to generate drama, excitement and anticipation on a product. 

When it works, the marketing buzz is incredible. 

The problem is that if you get the campaign wrong, everything can fall flat. A bad result can even wreak havoc with your brand image. 

Need examples of buzz marketing? 

Apple is a great marketing buzz. They sell great gadgets, but have mastered the art of creating excitement without saying much.

Call centre marketing

What is call center marketing?

Call center marketing occurs when a company allows a specialized company [a call center or contact center] to cold call people [and market a product or service]. 

Need examples of call center marketing? 

Suppose that an accounting firm wishes to advertise its services. And let's also imagine that they want to market their brand to small businesses. 

If they thought cold calling was their best game, they faced a few problems. 

First, there is the problem of call logistics. How long will it take to get the phone numbers and make the calls? Who will do it? 

Second, what makes a good cold call? Not everyone can do it; there is obviously a talent for marketing to foreigners by telephone. One solution is to use a call center to cold call people for you. 

 It's call center marketing.

Email marketing 

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is when you communicate and advertise to customers by email. 

Businesses normally build up a mailing list of potential customers and prospects over time, to which they can provide content and present things. 

Alternatively, they could choose to send specific targets cold. If you take this route, something like will help you find just about any email address you want. 

In addition, you can even use this free tool to track who opens your emails on gmail.

Emails help build and maintain relationships so agreements can be made. 

Need examples of email marketing? 

Many different websites have a newsletter, a main magnet or some sort of subscription option that readers can use to submit their email address.

Employee marketing

What is employee marketing?

Businesses shouldn't just focus on external communications. Employees are potential customers and brand ambassadors, which is why many companies offer staff reductions and benefits. 

Need marketing examples for employees? 

 When we were employed full time at Sky, we received all TV packages for free. It was a nice advantage, but it made sense to all parties.

Entrepreneurial marketing

What is entrepreneurial marketing?

Entrepreneurial marketing is about single people executing traditional marketing strategies. Entrepreneurial marketing is more about having a particular mindset than executing a particular strategy. 

It is difficult to start a business, so entrepreneurs should try to get the most out of their marketing. The need for entrepreneurial marketing is usually born out of necessity. 

Entrepreneurs don't have the luxury of big marketing teams or big budgets. Instead, they should try to get the results they need with more innovative methods. 

Need examples of entrepreneurial marketing? 

Some of the most inspiring entrepreneurs have not always had an easy and glamorous start to their professional lives. 

Valued at around $ 82.5 billion, Google is one of the most valuable companies in the world. Nevertheless, the founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin created and developed Google from a garage. 

In the beginning, Page and Brin were entrepreneurs who had to market their idea well. As such, they used entrepreneurial marketing.

Channel marketing

What is channel marketing?

Channel marketing is a marketing strategy that helps a product or service reach the consumer faster and more effectively. 

In business, a "channel" is the set of activities and people involved in the transition from production to consumption. These are things like manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, marketing materials, etc.

Need examples of channel marketing?

Trade show advertising is a form of channel marketing because the result of partnering with a retailer would result in an article reaching customers more quickly.

Field marketing

What is field marketing?

Field marketing involves marketing face-to-face with potential customers in a particular location. It is a discipline of direct marketing [number 48].

This could mean distributing leaflets to the general public in a shopping center. But it can also be a liaison with regular business customers from their head office.

Field marketing professionals will often find themselves specialized in a certain area [or “area”].

Need examples of field marketing? 

If you distribute flyers on the street, you are marketing in the field.

Event marketing

What is event marketing?

Event marketing is when a company takes advantage of an event to increase brand awareness and drive sales. 

Need examples of event marketing? 

The annual Thanksgiving parade in New York is the second oldest Thanksgiving parade in the United States. 

This has been going on since 1924 and the American department store Macy's has always presented it.

Facebook marketing

What is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook marketing is any form of marketing that takes place on the Facebook social media platform. This form of marketing can be extremely lucrative as Facebook has around 1.79 billion active users.

Need examples of Facebook marketing? 

Facebook marketing takes place all day, every day.

Local marketing

What is local marketing?

Local marketing is simply the strategy of marketing something to a close audience. It is an approach that is most commonly used by a brick and mortar store or restaurant. 

Need examples of local marketing? 

When a local restaurant posts a flyer in your mailbox, it's local marketing.

Long tail marketing

What is long tail marketing?

Long tail marketing refers to the strategy of targeting a large number of niche markets with a product or service. It is mainly used by companies dominated by a huge market leader. 

Faced with a battle to grow, a business can focus on several niche markets that have less demand. 

This may seem counterintuitive, as these low demand markets will not be as lucrative individually, but they could be when their full reach is combined. 

Need examples of long tail marketing? 

Most of us bought on Amazon, I'm sure. And you will have been recommended products. It's long-tail marketing and an example of Amazon attacking multiple niches.

Loyalty marketing

What is loyalty marketing? 

Loyalty marketing is marketing that focuses on building customer loyalty by offering various incentives. The logic of loyalty marketing is based on the conviction that the cost of acquiring new customers is much more than the price of maintaining an existing customer. 

Need examples of loyalty marketing? 

Simply consult all the loyalty cards. By distributing their club cards, Tesco can encourage customers to come back by offering relevant discounts.

Offline marketing

What is offline marketing?

Offline marketing is marketing that takes place away from the Internet, things like TV commercials, billboards, radio commercials, flyers, or newspaper pickups. 

Need examples of offline marketing? 

Walk down the street and you will see posters at bus stops or in store windows.

Niche marketing

What is niche marketing?

Companies use niche marketing when they discover a gap in the market for a product or service that would only apply to a specific audience. A good product in a niche market can often make more money than an average product in a mass market. 

Need examples of niche marketing? 

By specializing in the sale of large men's clothing, Jacamo has identified a niche market

Newsletter marketing

What is newsletter marketing?

Newsletter marketing promotes your business by email. 

Need examples of newsletter marketing? 

Many websites will offer you the opportunity to sign up for a daily, weekly or monthly newsletter and this is a great way to nurture a relationship with a potential customer.

Online marketing

What is online marketing?

Online marketing is all marketing that takes place online. From emails to websites, social media to press releases, it's all about online marketing. Online marketing is the same as Internet marketing [number 84].

Need examples of online marketing? 

Basically, just open any web browser and you're sure to see some sort of ad.

Promotional marketing

What is promotional marketing?

Promotional marketing aims to give customers an additional reason to buy a product or service. Typical promotional marketing strategies include contests, gifts, discounts and samples.

Need preliminary marketing examples? 

Black Friday is a global example of promotional marketing.

Outbound marketing

What is outbound marketing?

Outbound marketing promotes a product or service to people who are not looking to buy anything. Outbound marketing is the opposite of inbound marketing [number 75].

Need examples of outbound marketing? 

A billboard is a good example of outbound marketing.

If you are driving while walking and you see a sign announcing food or drink, it often makes you hungry or thirsty [whether you actually have it or not].

Outdoor marketing

What is outdoor marketing?

Outdoor marketing is any type of marketing that takes place outside.

Need examples of outside marketing? 

A lot of marketing is done outside. There are billboards, bus stop posters, car stickers, digital advertising, store signs and much more.

Product marketing

What is product marketing?

Product marketing is a type of marketing that tries to stimulate demand and use of a product.

It's a fairly broad term. For some people, this means effectively marketing product features. Similarly, for others, product marketing also involves analyzing the competitive landscape of a market. 

Need examples of product marketing? 

Of course, if you are smart, it is possible to communicate product functionality and industry USPs simultaneously. Again, look no further than Apple and how they market the iPhone.

Shadow marketing

What is shadow marketing?

Shadow marketing is cutting corners in your marketing because, for one reason or another, you cannot execute your campaign properly.

If you can't waste time making a brochure beautiful, you may need to rush the job. Perhaps you do not have access to adequate resources. Instead of including elegant illustrations in your brochure, you use low-quality archive images. 

You may need to use more devious tactics. If you've seen a nice brochure online, could you just copy it? Either way, parallel marketing is always something you hope won't bite you. 

Need examples of shadow marketing?

Suppose an event handler has a large project in progress. Due to the stress and pressure involved, he or she may not have the time to market properly. However, marketing is still essential, as this project will end sooner or later. The result may be ghost marketing.

Shopper marketing

What is shopper marketing?

Customer marketing is the art of promoting products or services in a retail environment. It's the same as retail marketing [number 127].

Need examples of shopper marketing? 

Customer marketing is designed to influence consumers at all levels. Suppose you are looking to buy a new car, you went to a garage and saw a poster advertising money on a car service.

Shotgun Marketing

What is shotgun marketing?

Shotgun marketing is the theory of marketing to as many people as possible.

This is another term for mass marketing [number 89]. Shotgun marketing generally attracts a large number of prospects, but they are generally of lower quality. 

Need examples of shotgun marketing? 

Suppose a company wants to increase the number of its email subscribers. She therefore organizes a contest where she offers a free iPad in exchange for registering to receive SEO advice.

They can get thousands of entries, but the majority will just be people who want to win a free iPad. They will probably have no interest in SEO and will probably unsubscribe from the newsletter immediately.

It’s a bad result. They will have paid for the iPad and the cost of advertising for the competition, but in the end, they will not have much to prove.

Social marketing

What is social marketing?

Social marketing is a marketing activity that aims to inspire people to take action that will benefit themselves and the communities in which they live.

Need examples of social marketing? 

You can see a social marketing campaign designed to quit smoking in a particular area, to raise money for a cause, or to campaign for a change in law.

Social media marketing

What is social media marketing?

As you probably suspect, social media marketing markets your business through one or more social media platforms.

For some companies, this could actually mean advertising products or services on social networks. But for others, it could be more to generate traffic and brand awareness. 

Need examples of social media marketing? 

So what about this video of a skateboard cat from the adventure camera company GoPro:

Sports marketing

What is sports marketing?

A sports marketing campaign revolves around the use of a sporting event or a team to promote a product or service. Many sports have massive global appeal, which in turn can have an impact on sales.

Need examples of sports marketing? 

Stella Artois has sponsored the Queen’s Club tennis tournament for 30 years.

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