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Frequent Questions

No is free service to everyone and will remain always.

We have tried our best to help or suggest you. We verify any information many times but still if you have any suggestion or correction in our suggestions or in fixing in product review etc we will be very thankful.

Yes, if you feel that you want to spend time in helping others then you may contact us we will tell you further how you can join our family.

We feel it is good to support or help people when they are in need. Plus we want to make it simple rather than to waste time on search engines for your issues. We have some advertising partners as well who want to show their ads on our site, we verify them strictly and then approve, That source of income is used to maintain the hosting and other expenditures. We wont list any fraud or cheating ads at any cost even if that is a billion dollar deal. Honesty and clarity is the second name of

You can use our website for teaching or for any refrence purpose. It will be breach of copyright if you download any image or content and use it in your website. Instead you can use our page links for any refrence.

As Digiabc is in intial phase we will definitely try to list all the products in future. We need your cooperation as well.  

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