How to Bathe Babies Safely and Easily

Congratulation for being new mom, We hope you are enjoying lovely motherhood.

If you are new mom or have experience raising kids, each day is challenging when it comes to taking care of baby, bathing , feeding, cleaning, changing diapers, keeping them warm, calming them down, the list of things for moms goes on and on….

Mom’s have to be on their toes all time,

Good news is that we are here to help you make your job easy and enjoyable by recommending easy methods to take care of your baby.

Let’s see how to bathe your baby easy and clean way.

How to Bathe Babies Safely and Easily?

If you have new born with umbilical cord stump stick we recommend doing sponge bath and cleaning diaper area, Use Luke warm water for sponge bath or for bathing and do not use too warm or cold water, this may cause baby falling sick.

However, once the baby is a week’s old, umbilical cord stump is removed you can bath baby everyday or every alternate day,

Bathing baby is not easy as babies have to be handled with lot of care (only mother understand this).  

To make the baby bathing job easy we have below recommendation, these products really help to bath baby easy and clean way. At the same time baby will enjoy whole bathing process and so would you.

Electrical Shower Thermometer :

It is very important to keep the water Luke warm, not too hot or cold, either of this could cause baby to fall sick, so we recommended you using electrical shower thermometer which can be fixed to your shower and carefree of   water temperature going up or down.

You can fix this shower thermometer to your shower easily and preset the temperature to baby’s bath.

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Baby Anti Slip Bathing Tub Pad :

While bathing baby we are always worried about baby slipping but with this Baby Anti slip bathing tub Pad you would be free of worry.

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This Baby Anti slip bathing tub Pad is soft, delicate, and Anti-slip, so that the baby baths more comfortable. You can use it as it is or use with baby bath tub that you already have.

This Baby Anti slip bathing tub Pad is designed to resemble mother’s uterus so that baby enjoy the bathing comfortably.

Compact Wash Basin Baby Bath Tub:

This tub will help you to bath baby instantly, you can attach this Compact wash basin baby bath tub  to wash basin or washing sink easily. It’s The clip-on suction cup is very easy to use and ensures that the suction cup grip the washbasin firmly.

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Make sure to adjust the water temperature or preset water temperature using Electrical Shower Thermometer.

Adjustable Anti Slip Baby Bath Mesh:

Using this ensure that baby enjoy the bath safety and you be free of worry of baby slipping while bathing.

This is easy and convenient to use. You can easily use it on your baby’s bath tub you have.

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It is designed to make sure baby have maximum comfort and support to back, neck and whole body. Its length can be adjustable and fits to any bathtub easily.

You can use this  for new born baby  up to 2 years old infant.

Baby Safe Eyes Shower Bath Cap:

This Baby bath shower cap is specially made to getting rid of shampoo or soap on baby’s eyes.

However, you can also use this cap for baby hair cutting as well.

This cap is adjustable and act as a shield to baby’s face and specially burning eyes due to shampoo or water getting in eyes.

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Protects kids from hurting their eyes with soap or shampoo.

Comfortable and flexible, your baby can enjoy washing hair /bathing/cutting hair,etc.

Protects your baby or toddler’s eyes from shampoo and water.

It can prevent the clogging breathing when you help your baby wash his/her hair.

It will not squeeze the baby’s head and will not hurt the baby.

4 gears to adjust, suitable for baby’s head

Baby Hooded Bathing Towel :

Once done with the baby bathing, it is very important dry, you need to use very soft and gentle towel to dry baby, using micro fiber towels that soaks water are normally very harsh on the baby’s skin.

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So, we recommend using below towel which is made from Special soft fabric for babies’ smooth skin this is super soft and has velvet touch, feels very comfortable.

Apply Baby Moisturizer and Diaper cream:

Bathing baby will remove moisture from the baby’s skin so it is important to apply baby with mild and gentle baby lotion/baby body moisturizer to provide moisture to baby’s skin which helps baby skin removing dead cells and help growing new cells.

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Also due to daily use of diapers, baby’s hips would become very dry and start to appear dry patches if ignored. So we recommend using below diaper crashes cream to apply every time you change diaper or even before diaper rashes start to appear.

This is prevent getting baby’s skin dry and getting any dry patches on the skin.

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