How to choose best body lotion for your skin needs

Applying body lotion should be ritual after every bath and whenever we step out from home.

Applying moisturizing body lotion after bath will seal the moisture into your skin and prevent your skin from drying and flaking. Body lotion is one of the best ways to pamper your self as your skin feel very soft and smooth after application.

We now have lotions that are specially formulated as hand creams and foot creams.

There are various reasons why you need to use body lotion. Here are some of the common benefits;

  • Applying body lotions rehydrate your skin and prevent it from drying
  • Body lotion repairs damage body cell and boost growth of new cells
  • Body lotion treats rough spots on the skin that are formed due to excessive dryness in certain area like, knee, heels etc.,
  • Body lotion help your skin to glow and relax.
  • Body lotion makes your skin soft and supple
  • Body lotion makes you feel and smell good all day.

There are various body lotions available based on your need

Moisturizing body lotions:

This type of body lotion is must have in everyone body care regime.

Moisturizing body lotions are also called after bath body lotion that provide enough moisturization and hydration to your body. 

Here is our recommendation for moisturizing body lotions:

Sunscreen body lotions:

Sunscreen body lotion provides protection against sun damage and prevent your body from sunburn, skin cancer and various other skin issues.

Sunscreen body lotion are must have if you like to go to beaches or if you like to flaunt your body wearing those mini fancy dresses.

Here is our recommendation for Sunscreen body lotions:

Illuminating or bronzing body lotions:

Illuminating or bronzing body lotions are formulated specially to bronze and highlight your skin to get that glowy skin for parties and special occasions.

Bronzing body lotions

Here is our recommendation for bronzing body lotions:

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