How to choose Toners for your skin care routine

Whether your skin is oily, normal, combination or dry, toner is the must have part of skin care regime for everyone.

Sometimes it is so difficult to fight with various skin issues that are based on different skin types. You can slather on your best moisturizing cream to handle dry skin and oily skin beauties use mattifying lotions to get rid of excess oil, however unless you’re beginning your healthy skin care routine right, the majority of this care is invalid and void. Celebrities using the best toners, which won’t just help them to re-balance their skin, but also will give inner glow from within to skin.

So, let’s see in detail why toner is very important part of any skin care regime:

The motivation behind a toner in any general skincare routine is to rinse skin and refine pores, giving your skin appearance of more even tone. And keeping in mind that toners have been regularly for oily skin composes that need an additional purging lift, a significant number of them are currently produced with additional skincare benefits, such as hydrating and relieving properties.

First and foremost, a toner will help reducing the size of pores. Wiping your face with toner evacuates oil develop, which reduces the pores size to great extent. Furthermore, it gives your skin pH adjust. Since most of cleansers and face washes available in the market are of high alkaline,so it is must to adjust the pH balance of skin. Using a toner will leave your skin clean and clear.

Also toners does have the good moisturizing properties to moisturize your skin, clearing excess oil and keeping your natural skin oily that are needed to keep your skin healthy and wrinkle free in long run.

Toners have lot of skin benefits if included in everyday skin care regime, below mentioned are some of the benefits,

  • Toner helps to ph balance your skin, which means your skin is less prone to infections, oiliness and creation of even and vibrant skin.
  • Toner shrink appearance of large pores and tighten the skin.
  • Regular usage of toner reduces the acne and pimples
  • Toners gently moisturize, Hydrate and nourish your skin

There are various toners available in the market and you have huge varieties to select from.

The best way to find a right toner for you is to recognize your skin type and your fundamental skin needs. So let’s see different types of toners suitable for different skin types.

Best Toner for Oily skin beauties:

For oily and acne prone skin it is advisable to select exfoliating, balancing toners that reduces the excess oils and keep the natural oils in place. This will also reduce appearance of large pores and shrink with usage of over a period.

Toners for Oily Skin type

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Best Toner for Dry skin beauties:

If you have dry skin, don’t be under impression that you don’t need toner as most of us think😊

It is advisable for dry skin beauties to look for toners that has hydrating and moisturizing properties in them. These types of toners not only impart essential oils that are needed to your skin but also reduces appearance of wrinkles which common issue of dry skin.

Toner for Dry Skin type

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Best Toner for Combination skin beauties:

If you have combination skin, you should look for toners that are specially formulated for combination skin. Specially toners that has Aloe Vera or toners that are clarifying and balancing are recommended.

Toners for Combination or Normal skin type

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Special tip: Always look for alcohol free toners.

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