How to cut best hair styles at home easily

If you know how to cut your hair at home, you can save lot of money. We all know salon charges a bomb for a cutting hair style.

If you find a way to cut your own hair style at home yourself and to your kids or other family members, You can add some extra money to your monthly budget.

I know, now you would have lot of questions like., I am not professional hair stylist, how to cut my own hair? what if I mess my hairstyle? etc.,

We are here to help you know how to cut hair for yourself and your family members to save time and money travelling and paying to hairstylist.

If you read this full blog, you would know that cutting hair style at home is lot easy and you would be confident enough to do it at home next time…so read full post.,

Here are the tools that you need for a good hair cut:

Sharp Hair Cutting Scissors:

Sharp hair cutting scissors are must have for any haircut, Make sure the scissors you are using is very sharp. Blunt scissors can ruin the total hair cutting process and its results.

Best Hair cutting scissors

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I am sure you would have one at home. We recommend to use the long tail combs to sections your hair.

Long  tail hair partition comb

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Hair Spray Bottle:

I am sure you would have this one at home.

Hair spray bottle

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How to cut hair style for yourself and others

First step is to prepare your hair for hair cut:

You can dampen your hair using hair spray bottle and make sure they are damped enough (not extremely wet) for a haircut.

Special Tip: while cutting your hair be sure to leave extra length. Hair tends to shorten when they are dry.

While Cutting curly hair you should also need to make sure to leave lot of extra length. That is because when curly hair is dry they tend to look lot shorter then they are.

Hair Cutting Clip:

Using this tool you can easily cut your hair professionally.,you don’t need professional hair styling/cutting skills to cut your hair. This tool is easy to use and saves lot of money and time.

You can use it for various hair styles viz.,

Easy Hair cutting Clip

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Simply trimming your hair style at home:

We all have tried trimming hair at home but every time we do his we mess with our hair style and end up going back to hair stylist., to fix the mess, hair stylist would have to shorten the length. So we end up spending lot of time, efforts and money on just simple hair trimming process.

But with this tools you would just needs 5 minute to achieve hat perfect professional looking hair cut.

Hair  trimming at home 

Straight hair cut at home:

Achieving straight hair cut looks easy. But in reality you need to have lot of skill and experience to get that perfect straight hair cut.

Cutting hairstyle at home

Layer hair cut at home:

Layer hair cut at home

With this tool you can do that in just 4-6 minutes.

Perfectly structures layers hair cut is something we want that frames our face and make you look lot younger and trendy.

To get that perfect framed/structured layers we spend lot going to Hair cut experts.

With this tool you can do that in just 5 minutes like a magic and result that you would see will amaze you.,

Cutting bangs yourself at home:

Cutting Bangs at home

We all want to have good looking bangs that suit our face shape. But cutting hair bangs is something we all are afraid to do due to fear of going wrong.

Cutting bangs at home to frame your face

Even after having a bangs cut from hair stylist we would need to have them trimmed every week to maintain them.

In the bangs trimming process we ruin our bangs and end up with ugly looking hair style.

With this tool you can cut bangs for your self and on others easily without fear of going wrong.

Cutting Hairstyle to your kids etc.,

Cutting kids hairstyle

This is more popular hair cutting tools that is used by lot of people in the west to cut their own hair and their family members like sisters, daughter, Mother, Aunties, cousins etc.,

This tool is inexpensive and can be used for longer period.You would also get lot of compliments from other for cutting professional looking hairstyle at home.

Cutting your hair and your family’s hair will save you more than you think.

using Hair cutting clip guide

Thanks for reading the full post. Hope this helped you..

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