How to do DIY Hair Spa yourself at Home

If your hair is dry, rough and damaged, you need hair spa to repair, rejuvenate and protect your hair. Below are the common issue when you need good Hair Spa.

Hair Spa will also restore your lost hair moisture, luster and shine.

Professional beauty salon charges about $60 – $300 (depend on Salon) to do even a basic conditioner-based hair spa.

Today in this post we will guide you how to do hair spa your self at home, without spending lot of your time, efforts and money visiting Hair Salons.

So get ready to pamper your hair at home.

There are about 5 steps to do hair spa at home. Detailed each step below.

If you follow all the steps promptly we will assure you, that your hair will be repaired, rejuvenated and get silky, soft and shiny. You will be amazed to see the result which are better than Salon Spa treated hair.

Step 1 : Oil Massage:

Your scalp needs good moisture to repair and strengthen hair roots, for this step we recommend using extra virgin Olive oil or coconut oil, or you can mix both the oils in equal proportion.

Massaging your scalp with these oils will increase blood circulation and help to strengthen the roots. This step boosts hair growth and reduces hair fall as well.

Make sure to use pure and real olive or coconut oil. As many of you are already aware, most of the oils available in market are not pure and authentic, they are usually mixed with other mineral or Pomace oil.

We recommend using below extra virgin oil which is pure and not chemically treated unlike other oils available in the market.

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Step 2: Hair Steaming :

After applying and massaging the oil on to your hair, make sure to keep at least 30 minutes. It is advisable to keep it for longer time between 1 – 2 hours to let the hair soak the nourishing oils.

If you don’t have time to keep the hair oil for long time, you can steam your hair with below hair steaming kit or if you can also use hot towel wrap on your hair. This will allow your hair to soak the oil deep into hair.

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Step 3: Hair Wash:

Now next step is to wash your hair with mild shampoo, Most of the shampoos available in the market or we usually use contains lot of chemicals, so we recommend below shampoo which is mild and gentle on your hair.

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Step 4: Conditioning Hair:

Onto your washed hair, next step is to apply conditioner, this step help to de-tangle and soften your hair.

We recommend using below conditioner which is mild and paraben and sulfate free.

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Step 5: Hair Mask:

Last and most crucial step is to apply Hair Spa or Hair mask. All the steps mentioned above will prepare your hair for hair mask application. Do not try to skip these steps.

If you follow all the steps you will get maximum benefit of hair mask to your hair.

Below hair mask is keratin hair mask which will help to detangle and add shine and luster to your hair.

We recommend using below hair masks:

Keratin Hair Mask:

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Protein Hair Mask:

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Brazilian Hair Mask :

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