How to do makeup for beginners

Makeup does magic on your face and appearance. Believe it or not it also boost you self confidence when you are talking or meeting with people.

Using makeup products doesn’t need any professional skills,you will find it easy over a period of time with usage of various makeup products and makeup tools.

To begin with you are start with makeup basic which are mentioned below..

You can skip few products which you don’t find appealing to you. So without any fear or going wrong, enjoy the process and get the glowing face. 

Toner:  Moisturize and clean your skin: a good toner can clean your face impurities., and doesn’t let your skin feel dry.

Best toner to moisturize
Best toner to moisturize

Primer: Primer is considered as first step of makeup base. It keeps your makeup in place for long time and helps to blend the makeup easily without giving caky look to your face. Good primer reduces/fill in the pore and gives your skin even and smooth texture for foundation application.

Foundation and concealer: next step is to apply foundation and concealer. We recommend using flat foundation brush for full coverage application and dense round brush for light coverage.

You can skip using concealer if you don’t have much flaws/spots to hide.

If you have under eye circles it is recommended to used concealer to even tone your face look.

To know more about makeup brushes .. read this…

Special tip: To get that flawless look blending is the key to good makeup

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To set the foundation and concealer you need to use powder or compact powder. To do that you can use big powder brush available here..

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Bronze, blush, highlight:

You can choose to apply all of them for special occasion makeup look or choose any one or skip all three of them for regular everyday makeup look.

Bronzer is used to contour your face which help to appear your face slimmer.

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Brows: we recommend not to skip this step as doing brows are very important. Brows frame your face for that perfect look. You can follow filling your natural brow shape in the beginning and shaping your brows to become expert.

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Eyeshadow :

for beginners we recommend to start with nude and colors. Once you are confident on application you can pick your choice of colors.

Special tip: To get that flawless look blending is the key to good makeup

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you can skip this step and jump to next step which curling eyelashes and Mascara application.

However if you want to have cat eye look, we recommend to start with liquid eyeliner that comes in pen form which is easy for application. Click here to buy

You can use the pencil eyeliner to line your waterline.

Curling eyelashes and Mascara application:

Curling your lashes opens your eyes instantly and make your eyes look bigger. To retain the curl and make your lashes voluminous and long you need to use Mascara. Mascara is one product that all the celebrities love and swear not to skip.


Depending on your style/preference/look you can choose to go with various lip makeup products like, Liquid Lipstick, lip gloss, Bullet lipstick, Tainted lip balm, etc.,

However we recommend for beginners to start with light/nude color lipstick and lip gloss.

Setting Spray:

To lock you makeup from moving, smearing, you need to use setting spray. However we feel it is optional on everyday makeup look.

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