How to get rid of acne and pimples for clear and even tone skin

We all want to avoid getting acne, pimples and break outs on face., But the fact is that how much ever we avoid them they pop out right at the time of our special day.

There are various reasons for appearance of acne and pimples on face , and there are various method to get rid of them.

All the method to get rid of pimples and acne are time consuming and need time to get rid of these ugly looking pimples on face.

Today we are going to reveal the secret of even tone and clear skin which celebrities have and all of us dream about good looking skin.

Before talking about treating pimple and other skin related issues., lets get to know about various reasons for popping an acne.

How Acne form

One of the major reasons for acne and pimple is bacteria which you or your skin (especially sensitive skin type) would easily catch from various sources.

Another reason is that using lot of chemical containing makeup which causes skin to break out.

Acne pimple also pop out if your skin care regime i.e cleansing, toning and moisturizing (products) are not suitable for your skin type. That is the reason we recommend to choose the skin care based on your skin type which suits you.. for more details read our posts on

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How to choose good Moisturizer for your skin

How to choose good Moisturizer for your skin

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How to choose the right face mask for your skin care regime

How to treat acne pimples?

We know that clear and glowy skin is everyone’s dream. But you cannot achieve it overnight.

All the dermatologist have to say that it takes about 4-5 days to form a pimple/acne and another 4-5 days for it to go away. that mean we need at least 8-10 days to treat any pimple.

To prevent your skin from breaking out follow skin care regime that suits your skin., See above.. links to our detail post on each topic.

However if you want to treat our acne pimples in short period of time. You can use below recommended product.

Special tip:  As soon as pimple pop out, try not to touch it to avoid spreading bacteria to other area and do not try to harshly scrub/ squeezing the pimple. This spread impurities to other parts of your skin and hence pimple appears all over your face.

As pimples are caused by bacteria, a good source of bacteria which we all ignore is your uncleaned makeup brushes and your pillow cover. We recommend to have them cleaned on time.

Anti Acne Face cream:

This cream removes acne and pimples from its roots in a shorter period of time.

Get rid of acne and pimples 

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Acne pimple and skin rejuvenating removing cream:

This cream not just clean pimples from face but also helps to rejuvenate skin .

Acne Pimple removing face cream

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Acne and pimple removing face cream:

Anti acne pimples and break out face cream

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