How to grow eyelashes faster thicker and longer naturally

Voluminous and long lashes can change your look and make you look more attractive and beautiful.

That’s why all the celebrities says their favorite make up product is mascara which gives them fuller and voluminous eyelashes.

But Mascara is temporary makeup fix for longer and fuller lashes. We all want to have long and full lases that are natural and made up.

There are various ways recommended by different bloggers and experts, some of the methods are below.

Use Castor Oil to grow eyelashes? 

We all know castor oil has healthy fats that boosts the growth of hair, but the question is how safe it is use on eye?

When we tried testing this, most of people complaint about burning sensation in their eyes. So with the test, we can say that though castor oil is beneficial for hair growth but using it near the eye area could be issue.

Use Almond Oil to grow Eyelashes?

Almond Oil has vitamin E in it which is great moisturizer and good for hair growth too. but using near ye area is not recommended as this could causes irritation to the eyes.

Using other oils to grow Eyelashes?

There are various other oils, like Lavender, Jojoba and sesame oil that are good for hair growth but using any oil near eye area is not recommended as they may cause eye irritation and inconvenience.

What to use to grow eyelashes faster and longer?

Our experts recommended the safe , easy and convenient way to grow eyelashes, faster, longer, thicker and naturally is to use Eyelash Serums, that are formulated specially to use near eye area.

How to grow eyelashes fast and naturally

Once they are dry and set on eyelashes they don’t cause inconvenience at all.

See below in picture how this serum works;

Eyelash serum for longer and thicker lashes

Grow Eyelashes naturally

Below are the results after using the Eyelash Growth Serum,

Result and review of using Eyelash Serum

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