How to Start YouTube Channel and make money

How to Start YouTube Channel and make money on YouTube?

Hello everyone! Yes!!!! I know everyone reading this blog want to make lot of money on YouTube by spending nothing on.

Earning on YouTube channel is like everybody’s dream. It is just like having your own business, having your own office without any investments and earning lot of money along with fame.

But let me tell you this is not so easy as it sounds like…. In this blog I am going to guide you how to make this task very easy just to help my viewers earn more money with less efforts.

As we all know YouTube payout depends upon number of views on your videos and location from where you have most of your views. Based on that, at the end of month your earnings are calculated and payment will be processed.  So the idea here is to get maximum view on the videos.

You will get maximum views/subscribers/likes if you follow below steps religiously.

Read till end to know how to make money on YouTube with easy ways.

Rich Content:

First and foremost and also very important step for your videos to get lot of view is your content of the video should be rich and helpful to the viewers watching your video.

Believe me if your content is something that everybody likes (e.g. : knowledge/learning/funny/entertainment). You are going to get maximum views on your video and that is what will make money for you. Try to be innovative and creative here, take your time, do some homework, and get the good idea of what your video should be on.

Good Quality Video:

I don’t know how to emphasis enough on this point that your video quality should be good with good sound quality as well.

Believe me if your content is good but video quality is not satisfying it’s not going to attract viewers to watch your videos. The trend we see in most of the viewers is that they open the video and just close after watching 5-6 sec and we don’t want our viewers to leave our video right.

To make High Quality videos, you need good camera with good quality audio and video recording. The Camera that supports Travel videos, Sports Videos, under water videos and various other features required for good quality video recording.

High Quality Ultra HD YouTube Videomaker Camera

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or if you don’t want to invest too much on camera in the beginning. You can start with your mobile phone camera if that has good quality camera like Iphone.

 Youtube Vlogger Videomaker:

How to make YouTube videos using your mobile

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Prioritize Fame money will follow along:

I know everyone of us is eager to earn money faster but please do not hurry if you have new channel with few subscribers.

One of the most important thing that most YouTubers neglect is that they put advertisement on their videos to earn more money but believe me guys do not put ads on your videos until you have more number of subscribers on your channel. Think to get the fame first and money will follow along.

Thanks for reading the post, Please share your comments and suggestions below.

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