How to Whiten Your Underarms in a Week

To get rid of odor and sweat we use deodorants and antiperspirants on every day basis. But what we ignore is that using antiperspirants or deodorants leading to dark or black underarms.

Most of us have dark armpits or underarms, it is not medical condition or any serious flaw to worried about much but as part of your body care, you should also take care of your underarms . hair free underarms are not just good they also should be white and match to your normal skin tone.

Dark underarms could be due to various reasons like.,

  • Use of chemical-based hair removing creams
  • Use of deodorants and antiperspirants that has chemicals or alcohol in them
  • Wearing sweat clogging clothes etc.,

If you are looking for how to treat your dark underarms, or how to take care of your underarms from darkness. You are in the right place.

There are various home remedies recommended by different people like;

How to whiten dark armpits using natural products?

  • Using potato Juice to get rid of dark armpits
  • Using Baking Soda
  • Using Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Using vegetables like cucumber, lemon, tomato Juice
  • Using Coconut oil and olive oil etc.,

But as per our experts opinion all these method works in real life but these will show up result only after usage for regular long period of time

Using them is so time consuming and inconvenient.

Also using them on underarms is so uncomfortable as you would have to keep your hands up until the ingredient are dry.

So, our experts suggested as these natural DIY home remedies to treat dark underarms are not so feasible to use on daily or everyday basis or even if you do not an hour each day to do this yourself at home.

How to whiten dark underarms in a week?

Based on the experience and user’s recommendation we suggest you to use below underarms whitening creams or moisturizers that are specially formulated with ingredients that helps to whiten your underarms within a week.

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This cream has all-natural ingredient and is easy to use.

Your just need to apply this as moisturizer to your underarms and it get dries in a minute. You are good to go it doesn’t stick to your cloths.

This cream also has mild scent to it which will make you smell good as well.

We also recommend using exfoliator on your underarms once or twice in week to get rid of dead cells. Please note as underarm skin is very delicate we advise not to use exfoliators that has harsh exfoliating beats in it.

Based on users review and our expert’s opinion, we recommend using below exfoliator that is mild and can easily remove your dead cell without harming other cells.

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