Jivo Chatt Reviews: Is it worth to use on website?

Are you struggling to increase your subscriber email list ? A free live chat will be the one of the solution to increase visitors engagement.

Your visitors are not buying anything from your website! Your visitors are not giving feedback or reply to you. Then you must have  Live chat window on your website.

Every blogger, website owner have one goal ” get more lead and  convert lead into money”. I wanna tell you simple tactics that I used in my websites. I made relationship with visitors. Once visitor trust on you, he/she will pay you too.

But, How to make relationship with visitors ?

A Free live chat is most power full tool to increase communication between author and follower.  It can turn a visitor into a buying customer. A chat widget can makes your site very interactive. Whether you are hosting a blog or tutorial website or eCommerce website then a chat window helps you to increase email list from few hundred to a thousand of email Id.

You don’t have to be a superhero to find free live chat widget .  After tried a few live chat widget I am using JivoChat. I am using OptinChat on my another website which is android, PHP tutorial blog . But OptinChat right now not providing live Chat so i am using JivoChat in this blog.

I will tell you the 10 reasons why you should install a free live chat tool – JivoChat on your website.

1. Let visitors to talk to you using Free live chat

Visitors are always curious about your services. Suppose I am a visitor to your website which have chat window. After leaving your site i always keep in mind that your website have chat feature too. I can get quick response any time from your website. So next time I will definitely visit to your website. Same case happens with other visitors too.

2. Collect email id via chat

JivoChat come with another amazing feature “collect email inside chat window “. When visitor open chat window he/she will see a textbox at the top asking for email id. This email textbox is optional so visitor will not distract from conversation with agent.

A agent can ask for email id during the chat. A happy visitor will always give you email id. Another advantage is you can give any attractive offer to potential customer.

I use chat box in all of my websites. You get surprise when at the month end email report shows 20% increase via  live chat.

3. Custom heading on chat window

jivochat have default chat window heading ” Chat with us, We are online! “. You can set custom heading to attract visitors to talk to you.

As you can see in my website i have placed custom heading on chat window ” Hey there, do you want quick review OR cashback offer? ”

4. Auto-start conversations with visitors using Trigger

One of the another best feature of JivoChat  is Auto-start conversation with visitor using trigger. it is work like that-

if numbers of visited pages is equal to 3

And title of current page is ” best live chat”

And time on current page is more then 10 second

Then display following message

you can create custom action on according to your business model. First of all you have define when trigger will start ,in which page it should work etc.

5. Access chat in desktop, mobile, web browser

JivoChat come with the feature where you can online 24/7 from desktop or mobile phone. JivoChat provides chat support in all platform whether it is desktop – window, mac, Mobile- android, apple, Web browser- Crome, Mozila.

So you will never miss any single visitors chat whenever your are in office or outside of office.

6. Receive chat on all Social media messengers

JivoChat allows visitors to talks to you from within other popular apps like Facebook, viber, telegram. All your agent will conveniently receive all the message in the agents’app. Also JivoChat provides mobile SDK to integrate live chat into android/ apple app.

7. One Click installation

You can install JivoChat in all platform with one click only. JivoChat have complete setup process about how to install the chat code on wordpress plugin,  Bitrix 24,  magento,  Joomla etc.

I used one click install WordPress plugin and it really easy to setup jivochat.

8. Chat window theme customization

I must wanna tell you this is the one of my favorite feature about Jivochat. You can change chat window color theme according to your website. can change fort style, header color, window color, message color, etc. Event you can change alignment of chat window. it provides three different position

  1. left Corner
  2. Center
  3. Right Corner

9. Department wise chat transfer

If you business have different department to handle client/ visitors inquiry, then JivoChat is best for you. It provide option to create multiple department, assign agent to department and assign department to page  or page categories.

So if a visitor in sale page then his all the inquiry will be send to Sale department agent only. If visitor in FAQ page then only support department agent will receive the chat.

10.Geo location wise live chat

You can choose to show different chat windows to visitors from different countries and areas, with different sets of agents and different settings. You have to set up regions on jivochat admin panel, specify geographic locations for each of them and then go to the “Sites” page to assign agents to the new regional sites.


Lots of people think collecting email, convert lead into sale is some magical process that only some people can do.

In reality, it’s just integration of tools smartly  and create proper visitor funneling.

When I started writing, I was putting a ton of effort into my posts. Over time, I figured out the process I’ve shared with you.

I was surprised when I found myself working less but getting more conversion.

Funny enough, my articles are better than ever. I’m getting more traffic, more shares, and a lot more positive feedback.

It’s about how you wanna create relationship with visitor.

What’s your process for collecting email and converting lead into sale?

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