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Ranking on the first page of Google for your selected long tail keywords is one of the best ways to get more organic visitors. Another advantage is you will get 40% more conversion rate from selected long-tail keyword. I will tell you how to get right long tail keyword tools.

Long tail keywords give you virtually an endless stream of new ideas for writing articles and composing landing pages relevant to your niche

If your post contains best relevant keyword that a visitor was searching over the search engine, your conversion rate automatically increase. For example if I search on google ” best hair-dryer below 1500 rs”. I will see 20k plus results but i will try first 2-3 website link which highlight keyword  “best hair-dryer below 1500″ or ” hair-dryer below 1200″ .

Effectively targeting long tail keywords in your content can greatly increase your monthly search visitors.

But how do you do this?

We’re talking about long-tail keywords—the terms that you want to rank on top in order to get more eyeballs, clicks, and sales. Today, I’ll show you the simple and proven method for ranking on the first page for any long-tail keyword.

So you want to write an article that ranks on the first page of Google for a long-tail keyword?

There are plenty of keyword research tools in the market and there are plenty of ways to find out what people are searching. For example I have used Google’s keyword planner, Long Tail Pro and so on.

These tools generator tons of targeted keyword that people searching. I have to manually  sort, select and then pick right keyword for my blog. This task is really very painful.

What if I told you that there’s a way to get hyper-targeted keyword that’s actually easier than use multiple software or online tools to get keywords?

In this article, I’ll cover what you need to know about long tail keywords, including:

  1. What is a long tail keyword?
  2. Choose right long tail keyword
  3. Best long tail keyword tools
  4. Our Best pick

Not sure what tool you should need? Check out “5 Key advantage of long tail keyword

For individual, small agency our best pick is HitTail.


Key Feature – 1)Keyword ideas- integrate with google search console.

2) My Hot Keywords- highly relevant long tail keywords by analyzing your website’s.

2) SEO Checker-optimize your web-pages for the target keywords.

3) Low Price- 7,500 keyword/mo -$19.9/mo

HitTail pro plan is well suitable to individual or small agencies. Big companies or agency can adopt business or Agency plan.

What are long tail keywords?

long tail keywords are series of  3+ word that narrow down the focus of the search results and bring up more specific results. Important thing is you should always research what people will search to get a product of their choice.  Your targeted long tail keyword must be long enough to get more attention.

Whenever you are trying to find a great keyword to rank for, you want to look for something that’s not highly competitive but still has a respectable number of monthly searches.

Choose right long tail keyword

You have to understand what people will search if they intent to browse , shop or buy. So you have to target your long tail keyword accordingly.

The good thing about long-tail keywords is that it’s fairly obvious to figure out what the user is searching for.

The head terms—”hair dryer” and “best hair dryer”—aren’t very descriptive. You might not be able to get a focused understanding of what the user is searching for.

But the long-tail keywords are valuable. Someone searching for “Philips hair dryer”or “Philips hair dryer below 1500 ” is looking for a specific product.

Best long tail keyword tools

Now, You Choose your head keywords like hair-dryer, bikes, mobile, tour, hotel anything. Get general blog post topic ideas about the same, then use one of these tools below…


Hittail provides you with very specific long tail keywords that are relevant to your audience. It does what I want in an automated fashion. HitTail integrates with your Google Search Console , imports all the keywords from it, checks which keywords have good search volume and it gives you suggestions.

“After using HitTail to facilitate our long-tail SEO strategy on my tech blog , we found that we increased our organic search traffic by 90% in less than 2 months.

Best part is HitTail also comes with a free trial without asking for credit card details . Go ahead and give it a try and see if it works for you. If you are new blogger, you may not have enough data to feed HitTail and you will not get enough recommendations.

If you want to grow your organic search traffic using long tail, then we highly recommend that you start using HitTail.”

Look at these great keywords I found using long tail keyword tools -HitTail:

Advantage of HitTail

  1. HitTail is the only long tail keyword tool that generates keyword suggestions by analyzing your existing website traffic.
  2. You don’t have to be an SEO expert or spend hours on keyword research. Hittail will do this things for you.
  3. keywords density analysis tool
  4. keyword search volume estimation tool
  5. After all price always matters- HitTail have Lowest price compare to other keyword tools. HitTail pro is $19.9/ month for 7500 keyword idea/month.


They have three types of plan starting from around $10 a month. If you get Business plan,  keywords are imported every week and they will recommend you on what you should write about.

For a blogger, the Pro Plan should be more than enough. For enterprise level content marketing campaigns you have Agency pla as well for $80 a month.


SEMrush is complete solution for SEO,  paid campaigns, and monitor competitors target keyword.

To get more eye catch you need to be present in as many channels as possible, reach out to potential customers and listen carefully to the existing ones.  SEMrush provides social media marketers with tools designed to effectively plan, post, react and track results, all from a single browser tab.Analyze your and your competitors’ social performance.

SEMrush has a quality keyword research feature. For finding long tail keyword you have to type head keyword , it show all the potential keyword with volume, trend, competitor etc on Match report.

Also you can see live report- organic search, paid search, trend, CPC distribution. Look at these great keywords I found using long tail keyword tools -SEMrush :

Advantage of SEMrush

  1. Find and fix SEO technical issues
  2.  Build a powerful keyword list
  3. Track and report your results
  4. Results per report 10 000 and Reports per day 3 000
  5. Build your keyword empire from scratch
  6. Remove cross-negatives in one click
  7. Price is high- $99.9/month


They have three types of plan – Pro, Guru and Business starting from around $100 a month. It is not suitable for new blogger. Guru Plan should be more than enough for agencies which is $200 a month.


I want to say it : You can’t trick Google. The first page of Google is a list of marketing power.

Delivering real solutions to real people is the key to success. Your content must be better than everyone else’s. That’s all there is to it.

Use long tail keyword tools for the product or services you are offering will give you 90% organic search and best conversion rate. If you put long tail keywords, write quality content that offers real value, and market your content effectively, you can expect to see your article on the first page of Google in sort time.

If you have any Google first-page success stories , share it with us. How did you do it?

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