New Message from God!

O! the race of human come to me I am the only way of success and peace and prosperity for which you are in search of throughout your life and are fighting with each other. I put you in this world to love every living being but you forgot and made your own sense stories. Sometimes you have made your own comments which i have never told of.

I am not like you people, not like anything which you can imagine of but I am the powerful light which you can not see by your eyes.

I have seen in every living species without human they never lied upon me, they behaved as they were told but I gave you some more senses than them and you became ignorants and forgot me most of the time.

I have never told any one to be christian, jew, muslim, hindu or any other. I dont have to do anything with your divisions, I want to see how much love and justice you are doing with every living being on this planet.

I dont care whether you will celebrate on any particular day for me. It is your wish if you love me you will do it by your own. I have connection with your mind and heart so you dont have any option to hide anything to me. I am aware of everything whatever you are thinking or planning or doing.

I am not a male, female and I dont have any other gender, I am the creator of all things which you can see and which you have not. you can feel me every where in everything.

I have never given any superiority to any of the living being on others. Every one is having right to live, every one is same whether he/she belongs to any part of this universe. From the day when I created this world I have never given any superiority to any. yes, you have to decide who is doing justice and who is loving every living being he will be your true leader for success.

Help everyone who is in need of it even if it is a insect. In human no gender is superior than the other. Everyone is same.

I dislike when you are wagging war each other for land, religion, wealth or due to any smallest type of greed etc. You must control it otherwise I have to crush all humans, everything and will give birth to new species instead of human.

I am doing best justice with you and will not destroy that nation where the people are needy helpers and true at heart. I will save those people , they can be from any religion.

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