What to carry in your makeup bag

Things to keep in makeup bag should be essential and lifesavers products. With the right items you will realize you don’t need pretty much everything. You would need just some essentials that will help you to create attractive makeup look for any occasion.

Today we are sharing little secret with all of you i.e what to carry inside makeup or beauty bag.

Whenever you step out of the home, make sure to carry small makeup pouch. Remember to keep your pouch as sleek as possible.

Below are some Essential makeup products that are recommended to carry which will help to make quick changes to your look from day to night or office to party. 

With these products you can easily create interesting makeup look from day make up look to night makeup look or office makeup to party or prom makeup.

With these products in your bag you will hardly miss other things.

  • Lip Balm: To quickly hydrate your lips.Everybody’s favorite product.
  • 2 Lip Liner (One for day – light shade and other one for night look- dark shade)
  • 2 Lipsticks (One for day – light shade and other one for night look- dark shade)
  • Refillable travel size Perfume bottle filled with your favorite perfume.

These things are essential, easy to carry and helps you to visit any place/ occasion in appealing and confident way.

Thanks for reading full post and leave your suggestion on comments box below.

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