What to choose – Makeup Brushes, Silicon Sponge, or Beauty Blender?

Today I am going to talk about different makeup applicators available in the market, like silicon sponges, Beauty Blenders and makeup brushes.

All these makeup applicators apply makeup in different ways. For example: Makeup sponges/beauty blenders apply makeup that has more natural finish to it but gives less coverage.

Using makeup brushes specially Flat foundation brush would give the high coverage makeup application etc.,

So lets see details for various makeup applicators in detail below.

Silicon Sponges:

Using Silicon Sponges would save your product. (i.e.,foundation or concealer) up to 50% as these will not soak up the product unlike makeup brushes or beauty blenders.

Silicon Sponges are not just used for applying concealer or foundation. But they are good to apply your sun screen or your moisturizer.

Best Silicon Sponges 2019

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Beauty Blenders :

These blenders are easy to use. You just need to soak the blender into water for 10 sec and squeeze the excess water and it is ready for usage.

Beauty blenders give the nice natural looking finish to your skin. that’s the reason beauty blender is one of the favorite applicator of lot of beauty experts and beauty bloggers.

But down side of using blenders is that they are hard to maintain. Beauty sponges/blenders are easily trapped by bacteria’s and need to be cleaned after usage to avoid Bacteria .

Best Makeup Sponge or Beauty Blender 2019

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Makeup Brushes:

There are different brushes available for different purposes. For example: Flat Foundation makeup brush is to apply foundation and concealers onto your skin.

Whereas we have buffer brush to buff the product inside to get that natural looking flawless finish.

Also there is Powder brush to apply powder or compact and various other brushes like, Blush Brush, Highlighter Brush, Eye shadow applicators, Eye shadow blending brushes , lip brushes etc.,

Below makeup brushes set has all the brushes that are used by professionals as well as good for makeup beginners.

Best Makeup Brushes set for Beginners

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Best Makeup Brushes set for Beginners and professionals 2019

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